Oral History - Little known people and their contribution to Computing

Oral Histories

This is a development site intended to provide Oral Histories of computer pioneers who are representive of the people who built the information processing industry:
  1. FreeBSD was the initiator of UNIX's entrance onto PC's and Intel Architecture systems. That systems owes its existence to William Jolitz. William Jolitz has had an interesting Silicon Valley career, likely representative of many who come to the Valley to seek their fortune in Hi-Tech. Here William talks about:

  2. In the late 1950's the University of Chicago became the location for building an experimental computer, a follow-on of the Maniac 1 and Maniac 2 built in Los Alamos, and designed to research how computers might handle the number of significant digits after a computer performs mathmetical calculations. Herb Kanner lead the effort to create software for the Maniac 3. Here Herb describe his background and role in this unique machine: