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Webcast of Presentation orignially made on December 17, 2002
Reviewing the Internet's Future by Prognosticating Its Past

These are quicktime webcasts of Dave Crocker's presentation at the end of 2002 on where the Internet has been and where it might go with an introduction by Bill Selmeier. Dave is a member of the IETF and the author of RFC822 which defined the protocols for e-mail and participated in many IETF activities. Dave's presentation starts back in the '60's and identifies key events and the introduction of additional capability. The presentation is available in the group's archives ( You may want to review the presentation there while you listen to the quicktime presentation here to see more detail on the slides.

Please allow a moment or two for the QuickTime video stream to begin. File size information has been included with each section. The complete presentation is roughly 1 hr 45 minutes.

The QuickTime will open in a different window than the presentation. It may be possible to have the slide presentation and the quicktime viewable at the same time.

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NOTE: This is a straight through recording of the meeting including the question and answer period at the close.

Our meetings are held in the Netscape Dining Room in Mountain View, CA.

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Operational Considerations
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This is a test for webcasting Internet Developer Group Meetings. Thank you for your interest. If you'd like to comment on your experience send e-mail to Or you may link to the YouTube listing.