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Webcast of Presentation orignially made on October 15, 2001

Choose your access line speed below to view a re-creation of the presentaton by David Kelly, Technical Writer at and co-author of Practical VoIP: Using VOCAL with an introduction by Bill Selmeier.

Please allow a moment or two for the QuickTime video stream to begin.

The QuickTime will open in a different window than the presentation. It may be possible to have the slide presentation and the quicktime viewable at the same time.

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NOTE: This is a re-capture of David's presentation. We experienced technical difficulties during the original presentation on October 15, 2002 and David gratiously agreed to meet us several weeks later to re-capture this version. The capture was done in QuickTime. You will need a QuickTime player to view it. Please be patient. QuickTime will download the entire presentation to your site and it will begin playing as soon as a sufficient buffer has been acquired in your computer.

Operational Considerations
The steaming video files are very large. You will need to have 100 MB or more of free space on your hard drive to save the stream while it is being played.

If you need to install quicktime on your windows or Apple system, you can obtain a free download here.

This is a test for webcasting Internet Developer Group Meetings. Thank you for your interest.